Lawrence Rodriguez
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Don't Hate Running: A Novel
Lawrence Rodriguez hits the ground running with his funny debut novel that takes an irreverent spin on the half marathon experience to look at how insecurities, bad communication and trust issues can threaten to break apart a marriage, even when love is not in question.

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 Race Schedule
- The Woodlands [TX] Half Marathon (March)
- Run For Hope 5K, The Woodlands, TX (April)

 - February:  
My wife ran the Disney Princess Half  Marathon, her first half. She did great on a warm and humid day!
 - March:  
The Woodlands [TX] Half Marathon (I set a PR in this race :-)

Alamo 13.1, San Antonio TX.  Was a very fun and challenging race. I survived. My wife set a PR!

 See you at the races!



It's Never Too Late To Get Fit!
Hear Lawrence talk about his personal journey to improve his health and the inspiration behind his new novel Don't Hate Running.

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Q&A Spotlight with Lawrence Rodriguez

Q: Where did you get the inspiration to write Don't Hate Running?
A:  Part of the story comes from my own experience with running and trying to lose weight. I had gained a lot of weight through bad eating habits and not enough exercise. My wife is also a runner and she had to deal with some serious injuries these past couple of years and I incorporated some of her experiences into the story. Most of the other craziness in the story came to me when I was on my half marathon training runs out here in the Texas heat and humidity. I have to think about something other than my running when it's hot outside.

Q: What does it feel like to have your first novel published?
A: It's been a great experience. It makes me feel really good when someone says they read my book and it made them laugh or that it inspired them to get healthy. Mission accomplished!

Q: What was your running gear for your last half marathon? 

A:  For my last half in March 2013, I ran in Nike Lunar Glide 3 shoes and wore a Nike Dri Fit shirt and Dri Fit shorts. On my legs, I wore Zoot compression calf sleeves and McDavid knee straps. I also used a SPIbelt  to hold my fuel (Hammer Gel and Electrosalt) and wore a Garmin 310 XT watch.

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