Lawrence Rodriguez
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Don't Hate Running: A Novel

If you love someone, let them go on a year-long escapade to lose a hundred pounds, contemplate adultery, engage in public nudity, get arrested near the Mexican border on suspicion of drug trafficking, and run in their first half marathon. If they come back, you were always meant to be together.

Cover design: Lawrence Rodriguez

Cover illustration: El Creative, Inc.

What People are Saying About Don't Hate Running...

"Finished your novel in one day! Couldn't put it down, and it's inspiring me to take up running." -Angelica F

This is a great weekend read.....a fresh approach to the classic love story, laced with a little twisted humor and a fun cast of odd characters." -Robert

"We can all recognize and empathize with the characters throughout the book who each go through their own internal struggle and suffering before finding the right pace and path....After finishing the book I felt reflective about my own life, inspired about my future, and peaceful from a good laugh." -Buckley

"The book is funny and sweet with a bit of frat boy humor and grown up stuff all in a neat package. I highly recommend it!" -Jen W

"Reading your novel....out loud [to my husband] as we drive down to Austin. We love it!" -Lis R

"...this story hides the bitter pill of fitness advice in a heartwarming story full of humor and romance." -Jason W

"...a well-knit compendium of autobiography, humor, redemption, and sex, along with the expected insider knowledge of running. -A good read." -Jim W

"...found myself laughing out loud throughout the whole book!" Celia K

"...a great story about trust, love, and commitment that we can all relate to. Very funny!" William R

" did what any good story is supposed to do and makes the reader look inward, as well as perform some inspection of our own relationships. I was surprised, but really shouldn't have been, how much humor was in it." -Tom D

Guss Zamdra never would have met his wife Lucy if he hadn’t accidentally introduced himself with an unpleasant surprise as she ran past him on the trails near Torrey Pines. After he's no longer able to keep his architecture business open, Guss becomes more interested in reinventing foolishness and mastering immaturity, than in staying healthy. Lucy, an avid runner and manager of an upscale running store in La Jolla California, helps her train-wreck husband get into the best shape of his life after he professes that he wants to run a half marathon with her. After Guss starts to see results from his training, Lucy’s running and career come to an abrupt halt and Guss struggles with a dark side of Lucy that he’s never seen. As the Barney’s Bang Half Marathon approaches, will the Zamdras' marriage explode like the race’s namesake whale did years ago or will they overcome their adversity and cross the finish line to a happy life together?

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